Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Our coaches are trained to help people who often struggle with organization and staying up-to-date. Our coaches are also advocates – someone who gets to know you, while finding ways to help you succeed in your endeavors.                                      

With a coach, the client will:

  1. Talk regularly and check-in about how life is going.

  2. Get help with finding strategies to stay organized with scheduling.

  3. Get help with taking care of him or herself and show you ways to stay focused.

  4. Improve the relationships with peers, teachers or employers, and family members                                                                               

Coaching Services Include:

  1. ADHD or Executive Functioning Coaching, College Coaching and Planning

  2. Parent Coaching

  3. Educational Coaching

  4. Social Coaching

Tutoring services provide clients with direct and individualized teacher instruction for skill development or enrichment in a specific subject area. Each Tutoring Plan is customized to the client’s individual needs and tutors are assigned based upon those needs.                                              

Subject Areas:

Elementary and Secondary- Reading, Phonology, Reading Comprehension, Written Language, Math, Sciences, Social Studies and Study Skills.                                                            

College Level Course and Specialty Tutoring, including SAT preparation, Wilson, Project Read and Lindamood Bell also provided.

Individualized Tutoring
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