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The North Star has been a constant guide, directing the way. North Star Special Education Services’ mission is to guide our clients to an appreciation of their own learning abilities and a recognition of their personal strengths, thus allowing them to be successful at school, home, and work. This success is a powerful tool that gives our clients the momentum to continue to work towards their personal goals. North Star is here to help our clients reach their potential.

North Star Education Services LLC was incorporated in 2008, with a mission to provide educational support to children and young adults with and without disabilities. As North Star has evolved over the past ten years, our services have increased to now include tutoring, educational coaching and assessment as well as replacement education programs for elementary, middle school and high school students. In addition, we offer transition services for young adults who are having difficulties “launching” into the next phase of their development whether it be further education or career.

Our staff is composed of highly qualified school psychologists; special educators; reading math, science and language arts specialists; transition specialists, career counselors and certified academic coaches who work to provide a collaborative relationship with each client and serves as their guide toward success.

An individualized intake with one of our Learning Specialists is required for all new clients. Specialists will review any previous assessments/school data, while also making sure to interview the client, parents, and school staff as appropriate. Specialists will complete screenings or assessments as needed, create and develop goals for instruction, and provide a list of recommendations for home.

If you are interested in learning more about us and what we offer, feel free to contact us at 603-488-1264 and by fax at 603-488-1489. We would be pleased to hear from you, even if you just have a question!

Please check WMUR during inclement weather for closings.

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